Recommendations for diving with scalloped hammerhead sharks 


Scalloped hammerhead sharks form sometimes very important aggregations that are governed by hierarchical relationships: females that are larger than males have a dominant position in the aggregation, and often the group is led by the biggest female.

-Do not use sound attractors (e.g. checker), minimize your sound impact;

-Stay in shallower depths than sharks. Above all, do not go down below a group of hammerhead sharks. Do not go below 40 m deep;

-Do not use artificial light before 5 minutes of interaction;

-It is essential to stay in groups and calm. Isolated divers are considered intrusive;

-Limit the number of divers: it must not be greater than the number of sharks;

-If a diver is not at ease, he/she leaves the area calmly by keeping the sharks in sight.

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