Recommendations for diving with sharks in open water

(oceanic whitetip shark, silky shark, blue shark, mako shark, oceanic blacktip shark, sandbar shark, spinner shark, copper shark).

These sharks are found mainly in open water, they exhibit various behaviours, but almost all do not naturally approach the divers, they often remain at the limit of the visibility of the divers. To observe them “closely”, the sharks must be attracted by fragrant smells. The oceanic shark behaves more inquisitively, it easily approaches the diver either to “measure himself” to him, if he sees him as an adversary, or to evaluate him if he sees him as potential prey. In the open water, increased vigilance is a paramount.

-Wear a full dark suit (with gloves, slippers and hood).

-Do not have material of bright or shiny colour;

-Limit sound impact when entering the water and while diving;

-Immerse yourself quickly and stay in groups;

-Always keep the nearest sharks in sight. Watch often behind you. Particularly for large individuals;

-Keep a safe distance of at least 5 m between sharks and divers;

-Never pass under a group of sharks, stay at their level or slightly above;

-Maintain a vertical position to appear neutral and more imposing;

-Keep constantly grouped (an isolated diver is vulnerable);

-Never backward in frontal approach;Use a billy-stick to push firmly, but without violence, a shark that is too inquisitive;

-If a diver is not at ease, he/she leaves the area calmly by keeping the sharks in sight.

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