Recommendations for diving with pelagic thresher sharks

The pelagic thresher shark is a majestic but “shy” shark! It takes patience to observe it! A good method is to stand on the lookout near a cleaning station where it comes regularly to be dewormed. Be careful, sudden movement, noise, or a luminous shine can suddenly leak the cleaning station.

-Do not use sound attractors (e.g. checker), minimize your sound impact;

-Do not position yourselves on the cleaning stations regularly frequented by these sharks, keep at a distance (at least 5 m) to observe them;

-Do not stay more than 20 min near a cleaning station occupied by a thresher shark;

-Do not use artificial lighting;

-Be as close to the bottom as possible, under no circumstances end up in the water column;

-Maintain your level of bubbles at a minimum so as not to frighten the sharks with noise.


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