Recommendations for diving with great white sharks (out of the cage)     


The “big thrill” is not within the range of the current diver. Diving out of cage with large white sharks should be reserved for some experts with a perfect mastery of diving and a great experience of diving with sharks. It is a sort of initiatory passage for “privileged” that requires introspection prior to such an encounter!

-Refer to the strict instructions dictated during the briefing of the certified operator;

-Limit the number of divers to 2 per exit; they remain constantly grouped;

-Presence of compulsory safety divers, equipped with billy-sticks and (optional) electrical repellent system;

-Installation of a safety cage at the required depth in case of a risk situation;

-Wear a full dark suit with gloves, slippers and hood. Do not have bright or bright coloured material, and equipment that “exceeds”;

-Limit your sound impact when entering the water and while diving;

-Always keep the nearest sharks in sight. Watch often behind you. Particularly monitor large individuals

-Keep a safe distance of at least 8 m between sharks and divers; in no case shall the diver attempt to touch a shark or cling to its fins;

-Adopt as often as possible a vertical position;

-Never backward in frontal approach;

-Use of artificial lights to be used sparingly, depending on the attitude of the shark (s);

-Limit time with white sharks to 60 minutes;

-If one of the divers is uncomfortable or the sharks are intimidating, all the divers must leave the area quickly;

-Rapid water outlet system in case of risk situation; back into the submerged cage at the required depth.

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