Recommendations for diving with

whale sharks and basking sharks 

Whale sharks and basking sharks form seasonal aggregations, which are good times to observe them. These gentle giants allow themselves to be approached, and it is tempting for the divers to touch them, or even to cling to their fins to be dragged, but these cravings must be repressed, because these repeated “touches” hinder the sharks that end by turning away from their gathering sites.

-Prohibit surface activities in the open sea (more than 15 miles from the coast).

-As the high seas are also an observation area for pelagic sharks, the surprise encounter with a species on which tourists have not been informed may increase the risk factor;

-Vertical visibility must be at least 10 m;

-Limit the number of divers to 4 around a shark;Enter the water “smoothly” without noise;

-Stay rather on the surface (with fins, mask and snorkel) swimming calmly without rush;

-Swim parallel to sharks, never cross their path;

-Maintain a distance of at least 4 m, and 100 m if the sharks are in a nuptial display;

-Limit repetitive snorkeling; Pay attention to the tail movements when the shark changes direction.

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