Recommendations for diving with coastal and reef sharks

(grey reef shark, blacktip reef shark, whitetip reef shark, grey Caribbean shark, Galapagos sharks, lemon shark, sicklefin lemon shark, carpet sharks, zebra shark, broadnose sevengill shark, nurse shark, tawny nurse shark)

These coastal and reef sharks have a great morphological and behavioural diversity. These are the ones that are most accessible for most divers. Take your time to compare their natural behaviours, as it is not necessary to attract them to observe them.

-Limit sound impact when entering the water and while diving;

-Immerse yourself quickly and stay in groups;

-Always keep the nearest sharks in sight.

-Watch often behind you.

-Particularly monitor large individuals.

-Swimming where possible parallel to sharks;

-Not to be isolated;

-If a diver is not at ease, he/she leaves the area calmly by keeping the sharks in sight.






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