Recommendations for diving with

tiger sharks, bull sharks and great hammerhead sharks

These large sharks are potentially dangerous. Diving with these sharks requires a great dive experience, and a good motivation! Behaviours differ. The tiger shark is curious; it comes spontaneously to “see” these strange creatures that make bubbles! The bull shark observes from a distance and makes passes to test an opponent or a potential prey. Meeting a large hammerhead shark is a fairly rare occurrence. Since these meetings are random, operators use attractive products. In these experiments, adrenaline discharges are guaranteed, but be careful to master your sensations, guaranteeing your safety!

-A psychological preparation is essential in addition to the briefing to prepare the divers for these special encounters.

-Refer to the strict instructions dictated during the briefing;

-Wear a full dark suit with gloves, slippers and hood. Do not have bright or bright coloured material, and equipment that “exceeds”;

-Limit your sound impact when entering the water and while diving; Immerse yourself quickly and stay in groups;

-Always keep the nearest sharks in sight.

-Watch often behind you. Particularly for large individuals;

-Keep a safe distance of at least 5 m between sharks and divers;

-Never pass under a group of sharks, stay at their level or slightly above;

-Maintain a vertical position to appear neutral and more imposing;

-Keep constantly grouped (an isolated diver is vulnerable)

-Never backward in frontal approach;

-Use a billy-stick to push firmly, but without violence, a shark tat is too inquisitive;

-Use of artificial lights: attention with tiger sharks, which can be stimulated by recharging the batteries;

-If a diver is not at ease, he/she leaves the area calmly by keeping the sharks in sight;












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